Hey my name is Chandler.
I love Harry Styles. Just. Yeah.
And all of one direction.
AND of course Larry Stylinson and Niam.
cry me a river
hey there delilah
isn't she lovely?
so sick
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too fab

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So Harry punched a guy.

Instead of being scared for him I’m oddly turned on.



So I went to the concert in Connecticut last night! At one point they went behind stage to change and right after a security guard entered from the side of the stage, the curtain was left a little open. So everyone closest on the stage to the left could see them changing! (all like three sections were just flipping out) So Niall and zayn I think it was, ran on stage so naturally every payed attention to them. And trust me I love them!!! But me shipping Larry I was wondering where they were so I looked back at the place where the curtain was slightly open…. AND THUS I SEE HARRY HUGGING LOUIS FROM BEHIND AND NUZZLING HIS NECK! so this completely knocks off the theory it’s for the cameras because how would they had know the curtain was open? They were facing away so it’s just impossible

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Larry&Me: My dad is a physcology major and he specializes in human behavior and...



My dad is a physcology major and he specializes in human behavior and body language i have showed him multiple one direction videos to analyze and he came to the conclusion that harry and louis do deeply care for each other and are completely comfortable in each others presence although they care for the other band members also they are constantly drawn to each other. He also said that there close friendship and constant touching he would describe as a couple who regularly have sex. He also noticed the amount of jealously within their interactions which lead him to conclude they are in some kind of relationship or sexual agreement harry is also extremely possessive and looses concentration when he is not the object of louis’ affections. Louis is also considerably gentler with harry than he is with the other boys and although he is an affectionate person he often goes out of his way to touch harry. The way they also often fix each others clothes or hair shows the genuine care and pride for one another. He also referred to louis as the dominant one in the relationship although louis is more flamboyant harry has a vulnerable streak to his personality he would be a person who needs a lot of assurance and complimenting which seems louis is eager to give. all in all he concluded that they are very genuinely in love with each other and they take on tendencies of a married couple which lead him to believe they have been a relationship for some time.

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At the rate Larry’s going, expect Louis writing marriage proposal over twitter to Eleanor.


Day One: Larry dinner date.

Day Two: Blowjob sugesstions on stage.


B R I N G  O N  D A Y  F O U R!

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